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NHRA Mello Yellow 2014 Sonoma Nationals

As many of you may know, we are Houston natives and die-hard NHRA fans. As such, we have attended many NHRA national events at what was once known as Houston Raceway Park. Thanks to Briggs Firestone of Oroville, after over 10 years living in the beautiful California foothills, this year we were finally able to attend the NHRA Mellow Yellow 2014 Sonoma Nationals finals on Sunday, July 27, 2014. This was our first time attending the Sonoma Raceway and we were extremely impressed by the organization of the event and the enthusiasm of the crowd.

Our goal in attending this event was not only to personally enjoy the NHRA final round in Sonoma, but to document, to the best of our abilities, our experience for drag racing enthusiasts who, for whatever reason, could not attend the event. Or course drag racing enthusiasts can watch the ESPN broadcast, but there is nothing that replaces the experience of attending a live NHRA national event.

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