California Drag Racing News & More!

Nor Cal Drag Racing is an online drag racing magazine dedicated to keeping drag racing alive through our unbiased news format. As such, Nor Cal Drag Racing covers a wide variety of no-prep, grudge, street, outlaw, IHRA, NHRA, and nostalgia drag racing events throughout California.

As your one-stop drag racing news source, Nor Cal Drag Racing also provides the latest news, photography, and videography from across the United States and Mexico, and showcases content from some of our favorite photographers, videographers, drag race teams, and fans throughout the Lonestar Drag Racing website.


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6Sixty Street

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Northern California Drag Racing

Nor Cal Drag Racing is owned and operated by the father and son race team known as Rude Dog Racing. As automotive enthusiasts, the team routinely travels throughout the Northern California in order to capture, by way of amateur drag racing photos and videos, some of the fastest cars on the West Coast. When we are unable to travel to events, we routinely share our favorite drag racing photos and videos from some of our favorite photographers, videographers, drag race teams, and fans. By showcasing Redding Motorsports Park (aka Redding Dragstrip), Sacramento Raceway, Samoa Dragstrip, Sonoma Raceway, various historic airstrips (Eagle Field Runway Drags), historic dragstrips throughout the country, and street events in Mexico and beyond, the Rude Dog Racing team works hard to keep drag racing alive for fans and drag racers of all ages.