Dragstrip History

2016 Nor Cal Drag Strips

Want to learn more about the drag strips that are still operating in Northern California? If so, click one of the logos or links below.

Old Nor Cal Drag Strips

Half Moon Bay

In 1957, the Half Moon Bay Airport became home to the Half Moon Bay Dragstrip. From opening day through the 1960s, the dragstrip hosted every big name in the sport of drag racing. In 1968, the dragstrip was sold and closed shortly thereafter.

Fremont Dragstrip

The Fremont Dragstrip was a drag racing venue located in Fremont, California. The dragstrip was operated from 1959 until the end of 1988. In its final years, it was renamed Baylands Raceway Park. Today, the memories of the Fremont Dragstrip have been compiled and kept alive on the Fremont Dragstrip Facebook Page.

Fresno/Raisin City Dragway

The Fresno/Raisin City Dragway was a 1/4 mile dragstrip that began operations in 1964. The dragstrip operated for approximately 10 years and brought record crowds to Raisin City, CA, which is located about 12 miles outside of Fresno. The Fresno/Raisin City Dragway was the first dragstrip in the nation to run four top fuel dragsters, four jet cars and four funny cars side by side.

Today, Rocky Phillips, promoter of the Eagle Field Runway Drags, keeps the memory of the Fresno Dragway alive by hosting the annual Fresno Dragway Reunion Races. Each year the event continues to grow with racing enthusiasts traveling from all over the world to celebrate Fresno Dragway memories. Today, the memories of the Fresno Dragway have been compiled and kept alive on the Fresno Dragways Raisin City Facebook Page.

Vaca Valley Raceway

Vaca Valley Raceway was a combined drag-strip, 1.25-mile oval and 2.1-mile road race track in Vacaville, CA. It operated from 1958 to 1972.