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My Maleree Mae-No One Fights Alone

It is with a heavy heart that we are sharing the news that Kelly Chambers‘ beautiful daughter, Maleree, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 High Grade Glioma Brain Cancer.

Those of us who are lucky enough to call Kelly a dear friend, know just how special Little Maleree is to her daddy. For those of you who only know Kelly as a street persona named KrazyKelly, or as a racer who has appeared on Street Outlaws, you need to understand that his little princess, Maleree, means more to him than his businesses or his cars. Maleree is indeed his world!

We first met Maleree at Kelly’s hot rod shop in Paradise when we were setting up for dyno days last race season. The shop was hot and loud that day as we ran car after car across the dyno. Maleree didn’t care! She was just excited to be there with her daddy, and to be earning a couple of extra dollars by selling a do-nut or a drink to any gearhead who was hungry. Dressed in her usual pink and armed with crayons and paper, Maleree put a smile on everyone’s face that day. A smile that we will never forget.

Maleree’s diagnosis is one that no family ever wants to deal with. There is no sugar-coating the fact that Maleree and her family have a difficult road ahead as they fight for Maleree’s life. As a devoted dad, Kelly wants to do everything he can to be able to travel to whatever hospital is going to treat his daughter. We have even been told that he is putting aside many of his duties at his smog shop just to be with Maleree as she needs him during this difficult time.

Continued prayers and support are needed for Maleree and her family as they embark on this difficult journey. Please like and share this post to spread the word about the fundraising effort that is now underway through the “My Maleree Mae-No One Fights Alone” effort.

Help us raise awareness and support for Maleree and her family today…visit https://gogetfunding.com/my-maleree-mae/ if you would like to donate.